microPREP™ PRO

The microPREP™ PRO is your tool for laser-based sample preparation on micron level. It enables laser-based sample preparation for a variety of specimen preparation applications. With its integrated ultrashort pulsed laser source, it complements existing approaches to sample preparation such as ion beam processing.
microPREP™ PRO is suited to ablate metals, semiconductors, ceramics, polymers, and compound materials. It creates new vistas for material and process development as well as failure analysis.

Main component of the microPREP™ PRO system is the ultrashort pulsed laser source that enables high ablation rates with great accuracy. microPREP™ PRO‘s excellent positioning system with piezo actuators as well as two cameras allow the user to bring specimens straightforwardly into the ultra-precise position for the desired preparation task. The integrated cleaning system prevents optical components from pollution, while the optional CO₂ Snow Jet removes debris from the sample surface within seconds.

With the microPREP™ PRO laser-based sample preparation system your lab benefit from the following advantages:

  • Free-form sample preparation
  • Provides samples with micron-level precision
  • Sophisticated workflows for automated tasks
  • Reduces time-to-sample significantly
  • Lower cost per sample

Additional accessories for the laser-based sample preparation system microPREP™ PRO: