microPREP™ PRO Webinars

In the last years, we have made a series of microPREP webinars in which we have given insights into the functionalities of the microPREP™ PRO. These webinars explained how labs could profit from laser-based sample preparation. We showed how other microPREP™ PRO users are using the laser tool to reduce their time for the preparation of specimens.

You still have the chance to watch these webinars online. Simply click on the links below to register and watch the webinars.

microPREP™ PRO laser-based sample preparation system

Is laser micromachining the solution for everything? Can any laser source machine any material? Which accuracies can be achieved with a laser micromachining tool such as the microPREP™ PRO? And what do you need to watch out for in order to achieve the best results?

This webinar will bust some of the most common laser micromachining myths and give you hands-on advice on how to handle it. Amongst others the following topics will be covered:

  • Which materials and material combinations can be processed by laser?
  • How can contamination be prevented while working with lasers?
  • Which laser sources are available? And which laser source is suited for what?
  • What kind of micromachining is possible with the microPREP™ PRO? What are the limits?
  • How accurate can you work while using lasers?

microPREP™ PRO laser-based sample preparation system

Do you know microPREP™ PRO’s Custom Shape Process? This process allows ablating almost any given shape from your sample with only a few clicks.

And did you know that this Custom Shape Process can be combined with a number of different laser parameters? This allows any microPREP™ PRO user to ablate their specimens very selectively – layer by layer.

In this workshop we will show you:

  • How to work with microPREP™ PRO’s Custom Shape Process
  • How to selectively ablate with microPREP™ PRO
  • How stacks made of different materials (e.g. RAM or SSD modules) can be opened with microPREP™ PRO

microPREP™ PRO laser-based sample preparation system

In our ”Lab (r)evolution”-webinar we show you examples of best practices for laser-based sample preparation.

This webinar covers the following topics:

• Basics of laser-based preparation of different materials
• Reasons for laser-based sample preparation
• Laser-based sample preparation with microPREP™ PRO: Stages and Fixtures
• microPREP™ PRO vs. other methods of sample preparation for FIB & Co.

In this webinar, we show how the microPREP™ PRO can be used for SEM and micromechanics sample preparation.

This webinar covers the following topics:

  • How to choose your sample designs: Free-form cutting and box milling
  • How to find the area of interest (AOI) within seconds and start the machining – fast and accurate
  • How to use the CO₂ Snow Jet to remove particles and debris – fast and clean
  • How microPREP™ PRO helps to prepare even large samples and thus reduces additional preparation steps in advance

Our webinar ”TEM-Lift-Out with a Tweezer?” focuses on how microPREP™ PRO can be used for TEM Sample Preparation”.

In this webinar we show you:

  • How to adapt workflows to prepare TEM lamellas within one process
  • How to cut your own TEM grid within the process
  • How to use the XL-Chunk workflow for larger samples
  • How to lift the TEM package out with a tweezer

In our webinar ”Laser Micro-Drilling of µ-Scale Cylinders within Minutes?” how microPREP™ PRO can be used for 3D-Analysis Sample Preparation.

This webinar will give you insights on the following topics:

• How to use laser micro-machining to speed up your sample preparation for 3D-Analysis
• How to use the unique microPREP™ workflows for fast and site-specific sample preparation
• How to avoid additional polishing processes for micro- and nano-CT
• How to reduce the time to prepare pillars for APT

In our webinar ”Do you want to know how to operate Laser-Micro-Machining powered by 3D-Micromac?” is another basic webinar in which we are giving a short overview on laser micromachining. In this webinar, we show that laser micromachining can be as easy as making coffee.

You are getting a short introduction on how intuitive the microPREP™ PRO tool can be operated. Afterward, we did a live demonstration of the microPREP PRO Advanced Chunk recipe. These kinds of chunks are perfect for TEM, x-CT, and micromechanical analysis.

microPREP™ PRO Updates

Especially for our users of the microPREP™ PRO system worldwide, we are giving regular updates on new features and updates of the microPREP™ PRO.

In case, you have missed any of these webinars or if you simply want to check out the latest features, you can now re-watch these updates here.

microPREP™ PRO laser-based sample preparation systemIn our webinar ”microPREP™ PRO Update 2022: Custom Shape 2.0 & Improved Box Milling”, we are give you an overview of the latest updates for the microPREP™ PRO system. And, of course, we explain how these updates can facilitate your lab work. The main focus of the November 2022 edition is:

Custom Shape 2.0:

Learn how to put together your own custom shapes for the preparation of your samples

✔ directly in the microPREP™ PRO software

❌ without the need for a CAD program Improved Box

Improved Box Milling Workflow:

💡 Now you can change your preparation geometry live during processing.

🔎 Giving you the freedom to react to what you discover while preparing your specimen.

How much time do you spend searching for your area of interest on your specimens? Can you easily find that area again the next day? Have you ever lost important information about your specimen because someone just jotted it down (and the note has been misplaced afterward)? Are you looking for a smarter way to transfer information about your samples and how you prepared them from one analysis tool to another?

Our colleague Karl has handed in his diploma thesis on a possible solution to make the transfer of specimens between different analysis equipment easier. We would like to discuss his findings and possible solutions with those who are dealing with those problems on a daily basis.

The following topics will be discussed on this occasion:

  • What are the reasons behind Karl’s search for the missing link?
  • How is the market dealing with the problem?
  • What would be the key benefits of a possible solution?
  • What else would be needed?

Our laser micromachining system microPREP™ PRO is constantly evolving. As our customers and users of the microPREP™ PRO are giving us feedback on what they need to make their sample preparation tasks even easier, we are always developing new workflows, recipes, and accessories.

This webinar will give you an overview of the latest updates for the microPREP™ PRO system and will explain how these updates can facilitate your lab work.

Amongst others the following topics will be covered:

  • New Ramp Workflow: Learn how to save precious lab time by milling ramps instead of boxes into the sample and thus removing less material!
  • Improved Scan Regimes: What does this mean for your samples and their surface quality?
  • Image Overlay: Find out how to navigate on your specimen as easily as on any construction plan!

microPREP™ PRO laser-based sample preparation systemIn our webinar ”Laser Micromachining in Your Lab – Update to the Next Level”, we are introducing you to some of the innovations that have been implemented in our microPREP™ PRO System recently.

We will introduce our new workflows and show what else is new on the microPREP™ PRO. In addition, in this webinar, we will show you how these new developments can help you do your job in even better.