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Laser-based sample preparation with microPREP™ PRO

The microPREP PRO enables laser-based sample preparation for various specimen preparation applications. It complements existing approaches to sample preparation, such as ion beam processing. Several laser sources are available for installation to enhance the individual preparation process.

microPREP PRO is suited to ablate metals, semiconductors, ceramics, polymers, and compound materials. It creates new vistas for material and process development and failure analysis.

Unique Workflows

We have developed sophisticated workflows to meet the specific requirements of cutting-edge analytical techniques. Therefore, microPREP PRO perfectly complements your TEM, SEM/FIB cross-sectional analysis, atom probe, X-ray tomography, and micromechanical testing processes. In addition, numerous patents ensure competitive advantages for our users compared to existing approaches in sample preparation.

Laser Technology

At sufficient power, laser radiation can ablate all kinds of materials. Furthermore, lasers can be positioned precisely on a given workpiece and straightforwardly focused using standard optical elements. By using ultra-short pulse lengths in the picosecond range, external surface heat influence from ablation is narrowed to depths of a few hundred nanometers or less.


Our modular software design provides high flexibility for a broad range of microstructure diagnostic and failure analysis techniques. microPREP PRO allows the creation of complex 3D shapes that enable comprehensive analysis of specific structures based on generic patterns or imported DXF files.


With microPREP PRO, samples are easy to handle and can safely be transferred to follow-up processes, as microPREP PRO works with standard specimen stubs and mounts. On top of this, the integrated overview and high-resolution process cameras ensure sample preparation with micrometer precision. Also, features like the motorized stages, together with the intuitive software, enable users to execute preparation tasks conveniently and in a very short time.

Clean Specimens

For good results in terms of specimen cleanliness and an optimal start for post-processing steps, microPREP PRO provides a compressed air system.
In addition to that, our machine can also be fitted with an optional CO₂ Snow Jet for even better cleaning performance. This contactless, nonabrasive cleaning system broadly removes debris within seconds, leaving almost no particles. Cleaning with the CO₂ Snow Jet means no chemical- or cross-contamination for the sample.

Highly Efficient

microPREP PRO reduces time-to-sample significantly. Moreover, microPREP PRO guarantees a higher utilization of other tools within the analysis chain while keeping the costs of ownership low.


Specimen cut with the sample preparation system microPREP PRO

Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)

TEM specimen prepared with the sample preparation system microPREP PRO


Sample for 3D-Analysis made with sample preparation system microPREP PRO

Focused Ion Beam and Scanning Electron
Microscopy (FIB/SEM)

FIB/SEM specimen prepared with sample preparation system microPREP PRO

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